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Good news everyone! It seems my passport has landed in Estonia. Supposedly it arrived on Friday morning with 10 o’clock flight from Berlin to Tallinn. However, no matter how hard I tried, lady on the other side of the phone, in postal service customer support, couldn’t try  to think any way I could receive it before Monday. But this didnt stop us from purchasing tickets, so currently I am leaving on the second April from Riga, 6 in the morning. With one stop and 12h later, I will land in Cameroon. Return is also quite awesome and short and my previous fear of staying in airports up to 30h was unfounded. Yesterday morning was also the first time I woke up and realized that I am leaving soon.

Also received my second camera, but no microphone yet.

Meanwhile, last weekend was quite interesting. Took part in a long festival-party style event. Surprisingly, I came back more rested than before going there. This photo represents quite well, what was the experience. It was taken around 1, looking down to the dance floor, with neon and UV lights flashing and burning everywhere, hard bass pumping. On the picture though, it seems so calm, and light.


Packing starts in two days.

vlog 3: Will the visa arrive on time?

Stuttering is the boring part, but animation and time lapse were fun to make.

Also, currently I am guessing I haven’t received my visa, because of the Lufthansa strike last week. It started on the day, my visa was supposedly posted and ended on Monday(?). So there is hope, that it will be here in the next couple of days.

Mentally packing for Africa




Let me show you, what I currently own. These are the things, that I feel, I need and consider mine. In these suitcases is everything except the camera, that takes the pictures and clothes that I am wearing.

I’ve always been a light packer. The amount of things people want to take with them to traveling is dictated by how much they own. I don’t own much, at least not anymore, but it was slow and painful progress, changing the mentality and then to go trough all the years of collected stuff and then not giving, not storing, but throwing them away. Throwing away the idea, “I might need this thing in a year”. This has also helped drastically cut new unnecessary purchases to almost zero.

So it shouldn’t come as surprise, that I’ve been playing with the idea of going to Africa, only with hand luggage. So far, everyone who have heard this idea, have dissuaded it. For me, it gives me mobility, being careless with things, in the end, I wont be using half the things anyway. Let me explain why it might not be so bad idea.

Being without luggage, or overall without things, gives this incomparable feeling of freedom. My home is where is my body and my ten things are. With these things, everything I want to do, is possible. There is no case of “I will draw or edit photos when I get back home” or “damn I am not sure where is something I might need”. Everything owned is carefully chosen and known. This feeling, not having to split my life into being away and being home, is the feeling of freedom. Of course I feel more homely in some spaces and whatnot, but I almost never feel away anymore. My home is where is everything I need and everything that are needed are always with me.

Only time when I have exceeded luggage restrictions, or even had luggage as far as I can remember, was when I came back from Istanbul, from living there for five months. And it was over the limit, only because I tried to take everything what was mine back. While succeeding in packing everything in to the bag, it was too much for the airline. This included blanket, that found it sad ending in the trashcan, logitech speakers and backgammon board game. My obsession of being luggage free, is so big, that I even know that if the blade of the knife is shorter than 6cm, I can take it on board.

So, hand luggage for three months?


Pre-departure training day

This is one of those unfinished projects. It was filmed through two training days, on Thursday and Friday. It shouldn’t have, but it took me by surprise of how camera shy people are, as only couple of years ago I wouldn’t have imagined even putting my name on the internet and now I try to do regularly vlogs. Vlogs is probably the most personal thing one can share on the internet. While making this video at one instant a person even stood up and started to walk away, just because there was camera facing her. Luckily, I got something from everybody and beside the sound quality, it came out quite well.

Total edit time: 6h

Most of the time was spend trying to get the audio sound bit better, as microphone I ordered should arrive sometime this week.


On the upside, after I called embassy today, I was told that my visa is ready and should arrive sometimes this week. Is it really so and did the girl really understood what I was asking, we will see.

Calm before the storm but the ship has sailed

Although I am doing several different projects currently, they are not yet ready to be shared. They are not finished at all or not baked enough for public eye. What I can tell is, that I had first official EVS related video task while we had our two day training session. Sadly though, the microphone I ordered will arrive sometime next week. I am already anxious about the sound quality I have to work on the videos that are recorded without microphone.

Finally reached embassy by the phone, they have no idea about the location of my documents. Apparently there is somewhere a post-it note on this subject and promise to call back.

But I moved out of my apartment. There is no reason to occupy space here for three months, when in reality, there is no one to occupy space. And to avoid last minute storm, that will hit anyway, packed my life into three suitcases and moved on to other people couches.


written from couch