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Calm before the storm but the ship has sailed

Although I am doing several different projects currently, they are not yet ready to be shared. They are not finished at all or not baked enough for public eye. What I can tell is, that I had first official EVS related video task while we had our two day training session. Sadly though, the microphone I ordered will arrive sometime next week. I am already anxious about the sound quality I have to work on the videos that are recorded without microphone.

Finally reached embassy by the phone, they have no idea about the location of my documents. Apparently there is somewhere a post-it note on this subject and promise to call back.

But I moved out of my apartment. There is no reason to occupy space here for three months, when in reality, there is no one to occupy space. And to avoid last minute storm, that will hit anyway, packed my life into three suitcases and moved on to other people couches.


written from couch