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Pre-departure training day

This is one of those unfinished projects. It was filmed through two training days, on Thursday and Friday. It shouldn’t have, but it took me by surprise of how camera shy people are, as only couple of years ago I wouldn’t have imagined even putting my name on the internet and now I try to do regularly vlogs. Vlogs is probably the most personal thing one can share on the internet. While making this video at one instant a person even stood up and started to walk away, just because there was camera facing her. Luckily, I got something from everybody and beside the sound quality, it came out quite well.

Total edit time: 6h

Most of the time was spend trying to get the audio sound bit better, as microphone I ordered should arrive sometime this week.


On the upside, after I called embassy today, I was told that my visa is ready and should arrive sometimes this week. Is it really so and did the girl really understood what I was asking, we will see.