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Vlog 2: Now available in strange language of English

Now it is official. One of my responsibilities for the EVS project will be to record this whole experience. So it is time to start practicing English in front of the camera.



As for other things, apparently someone messed up my malaria prescription. I was prescribed pills that are not meant to be consumed more than 28 consecutive days. My stay will last for three months. Sadly it was discovered only after the pills were already paid for, but there is hope. I got myself already new prescription and pharmacy asked to come back tomorrow, they might be able to switch them around.

And the visa. Plane tickets are not bought before I have receive my visa, but Cameroon embassy in Berlin, is quite unreachable. I’ve tried many times in the past, twice today, and Heleri, our local coordinator, tried today 18 times, before she got hold of someone…. who gave her a short answer of “call back tomorrow”.