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Sideproject part II: Karlsson-on-the-Roof

Second work in the series was birds eye of view to the street of Karlsson-on-the-Roof. I don’t remember reading books nor seeing it on the tv and the brightest memory of Karlsson probably comes to me from a play in the theater. The only piece that is still recoverable from the dream-like state of this story is piece consisting of roofs and balcony-like structure where Karlsson lived and this was all I had to work with. Trying to ignore all the later popular-media portraits of the places, I came up with a bit of distorted-rubbery-like street, as in dreams streets often crawl like snakes trough city. As I have such hesistant memory of this story, the owner for the house on the roof isnt certain person. It might belong to Karlsson, it might be just another added building on the roof.

This time I used quite a bit finer pen, but I think it is still not fine enough. Problems start to arise when trying to find even finer, as any dedicated shops usually end with 0.05. Coloring is done with Manga Studio. Altought I am quite a bit more happier with this one than Pippi’s house, there are still things that would like some retouch. For example yellow house could use smoother color, background roofs need better solution(details!) and the street is quite awful.





karlsson tänav väike