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Sideproject part I: Pippi Longstocking house

Decided to switch languages.

Memories from childhood

I started this project a while ago. It was supposed to be the first series of total 10-12 different works. By now I don’t think the project will be finished, at least in the way it was originally intended.

Idea was to take a memories from childhood and reproduce them, as they have changed over the years. First and the most memorable for me is obviously the house of Pippi Longstocking – Villa Villekulla. I only had some really vivid memories of the house being yellow and having a balcony, although while drawing, I remembered the color might have been coming from the book cover.

As far for techince, base is done on paper with medium-fine pen and coloring is digital. Sadly the pen turned out to be too thick for my taste in the final product, but there wasn’t much I wanted or could do to correct it. Although I am quite happy with the house itself, the background, ground and garden are really screaming for a retouch in color department.

pipi1 pipivalmis