Good news everyone! It seems my passport has landed in Estonia. Supposedly it arrived on Friday morning with 10 o’clock flight from Berlin to Tallinn. However, no matter how hard I tried, lady on the other side of the phone, in postal service customer support, couldn’t try  to think any way I could receive it before Monday. But this didnt stop us from purchasing tickets, so currently I am leaving on the second April from Riga, 6 in the morning. With one stop and 12h later, I will land in Cameroon. Return is also quite awesome and short and my previous fear of staying in airports up to 30h was unfounded. Yesterday morning was also the first time I woke up and realized that I am leaving soon.

Also received my second camera, but no microphone yet.

Meanwhile, last weekend was quite interesting. Took part in a long festival-party style event. Surprisingly, I came back more rested than before going there. This photo represents quite well, what was the experience. It was taken around 1, looking down to the dance floor, with neon and UV lights flashing and burning everywhere, hard bass pumping. On the picture though, it seems so calm, and light.


Packing starts in two days.