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Last Monday I visited a school. A different school even for Africa standards. It is a school, meant for Islamic women who haven’t got their education. They teach the women basic things, gramma, algebra etc. This will give them more confidence and chance to create their own income stream independent from their family and husbands. Jumping to conclusion, this will lead in the end to a calmer life and smaller possibility for violence and suffering inside the family. You can read more in here about the project.


And obviously, my job was to create a good set of photos to promote the project. Sadly there were only three girls, as it was public holiday. But we will try again this week.

IMG_9116 IMG_9143 IMG_9148 IMG_9160  IMG_9189  IMG_9206 IMG_9212 IMG_9216 IMG_9223 IMG_9226

As a bonus, view of Buea